Brother Octavius

“Your lack of faith is most…temporary”



Career: Disciple of Sigmar
Race: Human (Wissenlander)
Rank: 2
Experience: 17 total / 17 spent

Strength: 3
Toughness: 3
Agility: 3
Intelligence: 3
Willpower: 4 + 1 Fortune Die
Fellowship: 3 + 1 Fortune Die

Wound Threshold : 14 (12 +1 advance +1 battle-scarred).
Corruption Threshold: 13

Trained Basic Skills:
Weapon skill (Trained twice)
First Aid (Trained once)

Advanced Skill
Education (trained once)

Hand Weapons (Weapon Skill)
History (Education)
Critical Wounds (First Aid)
Theology (Education)

Racial Abilities:

Career Abilities
Sigmar, god of the Empire

Special Abilities

Acquired Actions
Blessings: Blessings of Health, Minor Ward, Minor Blessing, Healing Hand, Sigmar’s Hammer, Battle’s call, Gritted Teeth, (Fearsome Prayer)
Other: Splints and Bandages, Shield Slam, Curry Favor, Reckless Cleave, (Fervent Belief)

Acquired Talents
Clear Minded. Jack of All Trades. Resolute

Character Creation Notes:
Human: 25 points to allocate
Characteristics: 3+3+3+3+4=16
Very Skilled (3): 4 Skills +2 specializations: tra. Wpn skill, adv. education, adv. invocation, adv, piety, spe. hand weapons, spe. Sigmar.
Talented (2) : two talents. Jack of All Trades, Clear Minded
Two Action Cards (1): Healing Hand, Sigmar’s Hammer
Affluent (3)
Free actions provided by Initiate Status: Curry Favor, Blessings of Health, Minor Ward, Minor Blessing.

Initiate Career Advances (10/10):
3 Actions Cards: Splints and Bandages, Battle’s call, Shield Slam
1 Talent: Resolute
2 Fortune Dice: 1 in WP, 1 in Fel
1 Conservative Stance Piece
1 Wound Threshold
2 Skill : Training in First Aid and Education

Dedication Bonus : 1 advance spent (gives specialization in First Aid and Education, makes Initiate talent permanent).

*Switching career: 1 advance spent

Disciple Career Advances (5/10):
1. Weapons Skill 2nd Training rank
2. Action Card: Gritted Teeth (blessing)
3. Invocation 1st Training Skill Training
4. Action Card: Reckless Cleave (Combat Action)
5. Piety Skill 1st Training Rank

(Next Spend: Fearsome Prayer Action (Blessing))
(Next Spend: Fervent Belief Talent)

Cost for next career: 1 advance needed to move to Priest of Sigmar


About Brother Octavius

Brother Octavius was born Otto von Blucher. Otto was the first son of a noble family in the South of Wissenland, near the dreaded Black Mountains. His ancestors can be traced to the proud men of Solland, and although his family is considered small rural nobility, they have a strong military tradition, and have helped fighting back hordes of Greenskins since the dawn of the Empire. Their faith in Sigmar has always been strong, and several members of his family have joined the ranks of the God Empreor in the past. Contrarily to many nobles who only care for the services and taxes provided by the rabble, the von Bluchers have always been heavily involved in their community, and Otto was raised to respect the lower classes (the brass tier) and spent quite a bit of his youth learning for the various professions. He also spent quite a bit of time learning the art of war with his grandfather, and how to manage the land with this father.

Following his family’s tradition, Otto was raised with a strong faith in Sigmar, and was groomed to become an officer in Wissenland’s armies. He was therefore sent to Nuln, to study in one of its military academies. Upon completion of his first tour of duty (he was only 21 years old by then), rumors came from the South of a terrible invasion coming straight from the Black Mountains, onto the lands of his family. He urged his superiors to send troups South, but the orders (straight from Countess Emmanuelle von Liebwitz) were to defend Nuln, and not waste any troops in the border provinces. Otto left his positin and rushed to help his family, but arrived too late and only found ashes and corpses. He was now a deserter, and had lost everything. He still had his hammer, his horse, and his faith in Sigmar. He left Wissenland for good, promised himself never to look back, and to associate himself with whoever would want to find and destroy the most Greenskins.

He travelled quite a bit, sold his martial skills for a while as a mercenary, worked as a bodyguard. This allowed him to round his skills and learn more about the world. But deep inside, his hatred for the Empire’s enemies could not be doused, no matter how many Ork skulls he crushed. Finally two years ago, Otto heard a massive army was gathered in Averland to stop a massive offensive from the East. The decisive battle would happen at Black Fire Pass. Otto joined the army as a mercenary, hoping this would finally quench his thirst for vengeance. This was by far the worst battle he had ever witnessed or taken part of. His regiment was actually set to protect Mad Count Marius Leitdorf (the Elector of Averland) personal guard on its right flank. He therefore witnessed the apocalyptic fight between the Leitdorf and Orc Warboss Vorgaz Ironjaw, in which the count was slain. Otto’s regiment was hit hard by a goblin artillery barrage, and Otto was heavily injured by shrapnels. The last thing he remembered from the battle before passing out, was Vorgaz Ironjaw holding the Count’s head and laughing at the sky. Then, a massive explosion, shaped like a twin tailed comet, took out most of the orcs surrounding Otto and what was left of his regiment. As he was sliding into darkness, Otto remembered being dragged by two priest of Sigmar, while several others where lifting their shields to protect the retreat.

When he woke up, Otto was on a bed inside a Shallyan temple hospice. There the Lady’s disciples explained that he had been saved by his great uncle Utmar von Blucher, a high ranking battle priest of Sigmar, whom he has not seen since his childhood. Otto’s injuries should have been fatal, but the blessing of Syallyan had managed to bring him back from death’s door (Otto often wonders why the priestesses used so much of their deity’s favour for him). Part of his face is still scarred from the shrapnel, and a strange burn mark, shaped like Sigmar’s symbol, occupies most of his chest. Utmar had left Otto in the temple to heal, but had left a sealed scroll for him. The letter explained that Utmar had learned about their family’s demise, and he too had seen this strange omen on the battlefield and Otto’s prophetic burn mark. The only possible interpretation was that Sigmar had spared Otto’s life so that he too could serve him, spread the faith and destroy the enemies of the Empire. Otto was invited to train in the one of Sigmar’s temple, to become an initiate, then a disciple and eventually a priest. During this harsh training (both physically and mentally), Otto was allowed to pay visit to the local Shallyan temple, to train in the arts of healing and repay his debt to the Goddess through service. Otto von Blucher is now Shield Brother Octavius. His past, like his family, was erased. His only goal today is to share with all the glory of Sigmar.

For the last year, Brother Octavius has been sent on his own to spread the good word, help the servitors of Sigmar, and punish the heretic and the enemies of the Empire, both within and outside the Empire.

About Wissenland

The capital of Wissenland is Wissenburg, though the largest city is Nuln. It is one of the smallest provinces, and lies in the extreme south of the Empire. It is bordered on two sides by mountains. The Grey Mountains mark the border against Bretonnia, while the Black Mountains marks the border against the Border Princes to the south. Much of what is now Wissenland was formerly part of the province of Solland. Nuln, a city-state along the River Reik, is technically independent from Wissenland, though it lies within the borders and is formally considered a part of Wissenland.
Countess Emmanuelle von Liebwitz is the ruler of both Nuln and Wissenland. She spends all her time in Nuln and cares little for the rest of the province. Recently she has tried to make Nuln completely separate and independent from ‘dreary’ Wissenland. If she manages that she would retain Nuln and her electoral vote, whilst the province would be given to the Toppenheimer family.
The province of Wissenland lack the military funding of other provinces and city-states and its standing army makes heavy use of ambush and hit-and-run tactics. They field mounted archers and woodsmen above artillery and massed infantry. Slightly paradoxically, the province of Wissenland is also famous for their pikemen and Nuln contains the Imperial Gunnery School, one of the world’s largest cannon foundries. The colours of the state regiments of Wissenland are grey and white.

Brother Octavius

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