Eisadryil Sunblood

"Question everything and trust no one."


Short for a High Elf and not quite as willowy. She is blonde haired, luminous green eyes, precisely like the avatar picture to the right.

UPDATE CHARACTER SHEET: I had two points left to spend, I put one in bringing a trained skill to second rank (observation) and I brought Ballistics also to rank 2, cuz ya know the elf is a bad ass with her crossbow. I also took off her cloth hat as it burned up on the ship that sank. But hey, losing a hat in order to become a hero…




She will tell you her name is Eisadryil Sunblood. Her given name is pronounced ee-SAD-ree-el, or Eisa (EE-saw) and she will correct you if you mispronounce her name [which usually mispronounced as "EYE-saw].

She will tell you that she is a High Elf that has made a hobby of hunting rare animals, and that she has become bored with hunting the animals of her native land of Ulthuan. Having exhausted the prey she could count as trophies at home, she comes to the continent to hunt more foreign and exotic prey.

If asked she will tell you the history of her surname.

She pays homage to the god Loec.

She is not forthcoming with much else of the details of her past, though of course there is more to learn once she trusts enough to reveal it.

She wears a very small silver rune “Arhain” on a silver chain. The rune shares a place on that chain with a silver locket engraved with the the rune “Daroirz.” The runes can be seen at: Warhammer Runes

When opened the locket plays this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgcdEk3LWzM

Eisadryil Sunblood

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