Master Peander "Erasmus" Wiebrose

"No essential tool among the races is more barren than common sense. It is available to all, but apprehended by few."


Erasmus, Order of Light Adept, Rieklander, Age: 59

Strength: 2
Toughness: 2
Agility: 2
Intelligence: 5 + 1 Fort Die
Willpower: 4 + 1 Fort Die
Fellowship: 3
Experience Points Earned: 15
Experience Points Spent: 15

Starting Wealth: Broke


Specialization: Minute Details
Specialization: Resist Fear
Specialization: Rank 1 Spells
Education – Trained once.
Specialization: History
Magical Sight


Dazzling Light – Radiant light blinds the target for 2 rounds.
Illumination – You shine like a beacon of pure light, +1 defense, Ongoing.
Healing Energy – Light infuses the target healing him of wounds, heal 1 wound.
Burning Gaze – Your gaze focuses burning light upon the target, 5 + WP damage.
Clarity – While this spell is recharging you gain +1 fortune die to obersvation and intuition checks. When spending fortune points on these checks add a yelllow instead of a white die.
Radiant Weapon – Infuse a wespon with the light of Hysh. This weapon counts as superior and gains +2 damage and piercing vs. daemons.
Dancing Lights of Protection – creates balls of light that add dodge and parry maneuvers

Stance: 4 Conservative, 1 Reckless


Apprentice Wizard

Adept Wizard

Deductive Reasoning: Intelligence checks gain one boon to the result if three hammers are rolled.

Hysh, The Lore of Light (order) – After you cast a Light order spell you may spend 1 power to add or remove a recharge token to that spell, or to a condition card generated by that spell.

I seem to recall… (focus) – Exhaust this card to add two white dice to any Intelligence check.

Quick Wits (focus) – Exhaust this card to remove 2 recharge tokens from one of your currently recharging cards.

Aethyric Conduit: While gaining power twords equilibrium, gain 2 power instead of 1 unless this will take you over equilibrium.

Euipment: Wizards Staff – rimmed with blue steel and topped with an ornate Dragon’s Head, this elaborate staff is a gift from the Apprentice Master himself. (+1 fortune die for all spell casting rolls of both first and second rank)
White Robes, White broad rim coned hat, Knapsack, 3 days bread/half goat cheese wheel in small waxed sack, Wineskin (full of quality Middenland White), Notebook (large, 8lbs, filled with notes on spell casting and magic theory), 4 quills & waxed ink well, 1/2 lb wax ball in small waterproof sack, pipe w/case, small leather pouch of pipe tobacco, ivory scroll case, 6 large sheets of blank parchment (rolled into case), 2 sets of underclothes, 6 linen bandages, skin ointment in water tight leather case (for feet), 5 pair of stockings, towel, toiletry kit, small oil lamp w/spare wicks, 2 pt leather container of lamp oil


Erasmus is a Riekland apprentice mage from the Order of the Light College in Altdorf. He has a distinctive educated tone to his voice, and carries himself with certainty. A little digging into his background would uncover that he has recently retired from a position as a professor of history at the University of Aldorf, and has stepped down as a researcher at the city library as well. He is hardly noteworthy enough for there to be rumors about him, however if one cared to ask, one could find certain stories about the old man going crazy one night a couple of years ago and abandoning his responsibilities to instead lock himself in one of the many study rooms of the library for days on end, pouring over ancient dusty tomes that he pulled out of the lower catacombs of the facility.

It came as a small surprise that he petitioned to enter apprenticeship the College of Light after having failed to complete his training during his youth, and much larger surprise that his petition was accepted. Not only is this unusual, but it made Erasmus one of the oldest apprentices ever to be admitted into the infamously rigorous training program. Erasmus beat the odds again when he not only completed his training, but did so with honors, though he was lamed during one of the experiments he was involved with, and now walks with a pronounced limp.

Having finished his apprenticeship coursework at the College of Light, Erasmus was given leave (ie. ordered) to exit the college and embark on a research project outside of the university. This traditional excusion from the campus is inteded to be formitive exercise in which the apprentice puts to practice what he has learned in a way that will directly or indirectly benefit the order. Once this is accompished, the student then submits his research (or an appropriate report on his projects) to the Apprentice Master for permission to re-enter the college and continue with his studies.

Erasumus had intended to travel to several different locations in pursuit of his researches when he was approached by a local noble who clandestinely wished to hire his services as an investigator. Accepting this interesting offer led to an adventure in which the earnest apprentice faced the forces of chaos along with a group of widely varying talents and capabilities who were also responding to the call for help in thier own ways and for thier own reasons. The threat was put down, and Erasmus, surviving by the whiskers on his nose, returned to Altdorf with two Chaos artifacts and copius notes regarding the activities he had been engaged in. His report was accepted and he now contiues his labors at the College of Light.

Master Peander "Erasmus" Wiebrose

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